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Do Your Gums Ever Bleed?

Healthy gums are pink in color and don't bleed when brushed or flossed. However, more that 70% of adult have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic (continual and long lasting) inflammatory and infectious disease that destroys the bone and gum tissues that support the teeth. Signs of gum disease are: gums that are red, puffy, bleed easily, bad breath, and, eventually, cause loose teeth. I compare this destructive process to a flooded river that erodes all the supporting soil around a perfectly healthy tree. Without the dirt support, the tree falls into the river. The teeth themselves, like the tree, are perfectly healthy; but without the needed bone support they cannot stay in the mouth.

If your skin bled every time it was touched, you would k now something was wrong and you would quickly make an appointment with the doctor to determine what is causing the unusual bleeding. However, when guns bleed, it does not raise suspicion because "they have always bled." BLEEDING GUMS ARE NOT NORMAL.

There are millions and billions of bacteria in the mouth. Whenever you eat, brush, or floss you teeth and there is bleeding present, many bacteria are introduced into the bloodstream. This creates a "shower" of bacteria into all parts of the body.

Recently, researchers have positively determined that there is a definite correlation between heart disease (heart attacks) and gum disease. This problem isn't confined to only the heart but is broadened to be referred to as an "oral-systemic disease connection." These bacteria especially irritate the lining of the arteries of the heart and contribute to the build-up of plaque on the lining of these blood vessels. The narrowing of these arteries is what leads to a heart attack.

Many older people have had knee or hip replacement surgery. These artificial joints are also more susceptible to infection and failure due to the shower of bacteria in the bloodstream from unhealthy gums.

Therefore, do you overall health a favor by making sure your gums are healthy to the point that they DO NOT BLEED when brushed or flossed. Most people need professional cleanings at least every six months. However, the professional cleaning by itself isn't enough to prevent the problems referred to in this article. Every person with teeth must brush them twice a day and floss daily. When brushing, you must also brush onto the gums at least a quarter of an inch. The gum line is where the bacteria first start to congregate. After the dentist or hygienist has removed all plaque and calculus (tartar), giving your gums a fresh start, you should be able to achieve gums that do not bleed within a few days. Keeping them healthy to the point they won't bleed isn't difficult or time consuming, but consistency is critical. Do your entire body a favor by keeping your gums healthy. If you have questions, talk to your dentist or physician.

Clair Vernon, DMD
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