Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Our primary goal at Gentle Touch Family Dentistry is to teach you and your family what causes oral problems and how to PREVENT them. Secondly, our dental team will carefully evaluate your needs and provide you with the most caring, gentle, thorough, painfree and long-lasting dentistry possible.
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Prevention of Dental Decay

It takes three things present together to cause tooth decay. Those three components are: A tooth, bacterial plaque, and sugar. Remove any one of those three things and it is absolutely impossible to get a cavity.

Every time a person puts anything containing sugar in their mouth, the bacteria eat the sugar, turning the sugar into an acid. It is that acid which then dissolves the tooth structure, causing a cavity.

By keeping the teeth clean with brushing and flossing daily, and keeping in-between-meal sugar intake to a minimum, you are well on your way to preventing ALL future tooth decay. It is that simple.
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