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Tooth extraction is one of the reasons why we visit our dentist. Adults sometimes resort to tooth extractions due for some unavoidable reasons. Permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes our teeth need to be pulled out. Some reasons we opt for tooth extraction are damaged teeth from decay or accidents. If this tooth is badly damaged and cannot be repaired, your dentist will have no choice but to perform a tooth extraction. Another reason is the crowded mouth. In some instances, the dentist may perform orthodontia and needs to remove some of your teeth to align the remaining teeth properly. Lastly, tooth extraction may be performed to prevent infection. This infection may cause too much damage to your overall oral health. This infection may reach your nerves and blood vessels which will further cause problems in other parts of your body. Tooth extraction is often used for emergency cases.

Benefits of a Dental Tooth Extraction

Permanent teeth are hard to let go of, but we must understand that some cases will result in this tooth extraction. Losing a tooth may be challenging, but it will give you benefits that ease all your problems. The dentist often recommends this procedure if it is your only option.

Why is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

Is A Tooth Extraction Right For Me?
  • Cavity is what dentists often want to avoid as much as they can. They often want to save the neighboring teeth from getting cavities. Tooth removal is needed to stop the spread of infections to other teeth. are patients fail to notice this problem, they may need more dental treatments.
  • Infection of the tooth can spread rapidly, making it harder to treat. In this case, the dentist needs to extract the cause of the problem to start treating the others.
  • Often, we visit the dentist due to toothache. And the cause is usually because of tooth decay. Tooth decay must be extracted to prevent it from affecting the other teeth and relieve your pain.
  • Some cases need to extract teeth even if it doesn’t have any damage; this is done if you have crowded teeth. This is preparation for orthodontics. This results in a more beautiful smile.

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Will I feel pain during my tooth extraction?

How long does it take to recover from a dental extraction?

The recovery period from tooth extraction varies among patients. Recovery depends on some factors: the location of the tooth, its size, the patient’s dental health and how they comply with the dentist’s aftercare instructions. Simple extraction requires a quick recovery process. It will only take 72 hours to wait for the affected area to clot. You can return to normal activities after that. Your tissues will be fully healed after three to four weeks. Surgical extraction, on the other hand, requires more time to heal. They are advised to limit their physical activities for a couple of weeks.

Of course, getting a tooth pulled has a significant chance of hurting you. But dentists usually give local anesthesia to eliminate the pain during the extraction. The dentist will apply a numbing substance to your gums before performing the extraction. Then an injection near the site of extraction is needed. anesthesia will only eliminate the pain but not your ability to feel movements and pressures. You will not feel any pain during tooth extraction; however, after the procedure, you might feel minimal discomfort. Therefore you need to follow your dentist’s advice on what to do and drink after tooth extraction.

How common are tooth extractions?

Tooth extraction is not always performed. Tooth extraction will only be done if the affected tooth causes too much damage to the neighboring teeth. Severe tooth decay will result in tooth extraction. Infections, gingivitis, and other periodontal disease are common reasons you need a tooth extraction. Your dentist may also recommend extraction of your impacted tooth to prevent it from further damaging another tooth. Overcrowding teeth also become a reason for tooth extraction. It is necessary to eliminate other teeth that cause too much overcrowding. Some unavoidable circumstances, like accidents, may require tooth extraction. The main goal of a dentist is to preserve your teeth as much as possible.

Many people are curious if fasting is needed when having a tooth extraction. The need for fasting depends on the surgical plan, so it is necessary to ask your dentist about it. If the dentist only performs simple tooth extraction, you don’t need to fast because the local anesthesia does not require fasting. Some doctors encourage patients to eat before tooth extraction because it will be difficult to eat after the procedure. Doctors might tell you to have a soft diet after tooth extraction. Multiple tooth extraction surgeries might need fasting because of the long hours to complete the surgery.

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